Philadelphia Building Maintenance

Core Values

Cypress: Providing a Community with Reliable, Efficient Successful Solutions

At Cypress Building Maintenance, not only do we go above and beyond to provide customers with the best service possible, but we also go above and beyond at taking care of each other and upholding our core values as a team and to the community. 


Respecting each other not only increases productivity, but it also provides us with the opportunity to feel good about waking up every morning and coming into a positive work environment. We are all integral parts of the same machine. When your teammates not only depend on you but also appreciate you, it leads us to make better decisions. 

Showing up on time, cleaning up after ourselves, being kind, and always showing gratitude are just a few examples of the little ways we can show respect to each other. Doing the right thing not only encourages people to be kinder to you, but also encourages you to be kinder to yourself. Each job we complete is done so with respect and pride in the work completed and to look back and proudly know, “I did that.”


Communication is an important part of the key values here at Cypress. We are sure to reiterate information as many times as necessary to ensure we are completely understood. We pride ourselves on being caring and giving different points of view and ideas. No assumptions are made from us to you and within. If we really want to continue to excel as a company, we must be sure that we are planning out each step of the process. That means we take each step with 100%  certainty. 


We are committed to the steps we take to achieve our goals ultimately. Nobody outranks safety. We want our employees to be safe because they are family, and we treat each customer the same way. If one man is down, we are all affected. We do our best to develop innovative ways to increase efficiency and make life easier for everyone. 

We always strive to complete the job with impeccable attention to detail as if it were our home or business. Despite whatever mistakes we make and whatever lessons we have to learn, we will ultimately achieve our vision of building a company that creates opportunities and gives back to the community. Our dedication, work,  and time have been seen, even without knowing, by the community to provide them with places to shop, eat, enjoy, and live. Contact us today!


  • A pleasure to do business with! Very professional and timely, and communication was smooth. Would work with them again.
    Julie Hendricks

  • Fixed a door and a panel in less than 20 min

  • I cannot thank you enough for coming out today on short notice. This type of service is what has sold me on being a Cypress customer for good. It was important for us to have that lock working before we close tonight in order to secure the building, so I appreciate your expertise and for making my life easier.
    Stephen Chester, PA