Philadelphia Commercial Door Repair Services

As a property owner, it’s important to make sure all the doors in your building are functioning properly at all times. These entryways into your business are used by staff and customers on a daily basis to enter and leave your building.

In the case that the doors to your business are damaged, factory-trained AAADM-certified service technicians from Cypress Building Maintenance will help you get back to operations as soon as possible. We understand how imperative door repairs are – our team will make sure inquiries are attended to immediately, and the repairs are prompt. Leaving a commercial door unsecured is not an option for your business and staff. We’re here to help keep you up and running.

In the case of an emergency, our services are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Our service trucks are already stocked with the parts needed for common door repairs. Having many door parts like closers, pivots, hinges, and door glass allows us to have comprehensive repair solutions that will get your door repaired fast. Fast, professional work on the same day is just part of our reliable door repair services.

Our service inspectors are also qualified to inspect rollers, belts, safety sensors, and glass issues on a semi-annual basis as a preventative measure to minimize the need for emergency repairs. Regular door preventative maintenance helps identify potential issues so they can be serviced immediately before they become major problems. This saves both time and money in the long run.

Full Service Automatic and Commercial Door Repairs

We provide many types of commercial and automatic door services, including:

  • Preventative maintenance schedule to keep your doors up and running
  • Emergency, same-day door repair service
  • Automatic door inspection
  • Regular maintenance
  • Automatic sliding door sensors and safety beams
  • Always serviced safely by AAADM Certified commercial door repair technicians

Our friendly qualified AAADM-certified commercial door service technicians can accommodate your commercial operation schedule and needs. Don’t delay regular servicing until the door breaks! Keep your doors safe and secure at all times with Cypress Building Maintenance.

Contact us to get in touch with our commercial door repair technicians.